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Communications & Strategic Information (CSI)

Sonke’s Communications and Strategic Information (CSI) unit is responsible for the overall communications function of the organisation – both internally and externally. It is also responsible for shaping and implementing our Behaviour Change Communications initiatives, which employ a variety of social communication strategies to promote positive changes in social norms and practices.

The CSI team manages the website, social media, newsletter and intranet, and provides writing support to all projects for organisational reports, newspaper articles and opinion pages, and so on.

The team also develops materials for use in Sonke’s different programmes and campaigns, including the One Man Can (OMC) campaign and Sonke printed material, scripts and guidelines for OMC shows on a network of community radio stations supporting the OMC work as well as Sonke-produced digital stories.

The unit liaises and partners with print media, radio and television stations in co-operation with the Policy Development and Advocacy Unit to promote the organisation’s objectives in relation to gender transformation, human rights and HIV & AIDS.

The unit further provides internal and external training in a variety of communications skills, including a three-day capacity building course for partner organisations on media advocacy, which includes training on how to develop a communications campaign, and how to use different media platforms to promote campaign messages.

CSI also manages the organisation’s data, from contact directories to all the monitoring and evaluation data, and provides IT support to Sonke staff.

In addition, the Communications and Strategic Information Unit implements numerous innovative projects to transform gender norms and combat gender-based violence and HIV and AIDS.

Current Projects

Staff from all departments contribute to radio, television and print media, ensuring relevant topics and issues attain necessary media exposure.
Ongoing efforts to engage with cultural and structural influences that deter men from testing their HIV status or completing treatment.
Sonke’s work in training radio personnel, creating guidelines and harnessing the medium’s broadcasting power to raise awareness of gender issues.
Supplying the most disenfranchised members of society with the tools and training to tell their stories from their own perspective.
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