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Community Education and Mobilisation (CEM)

Sonke’s Community Education and Mobilisation (CEM) unit works closely with men and women from all walks of life and in many different communities across all of South Africa’s nine provinces to address gender inequality, gender-based violence, and the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. The CEM team implements a number of national campaigns intended to mobilise communities to take action to promote gender equality and deepen democracy.

Current Projects

Sonke and Gun Free SA team up for a campaign to remove guns from homes for women and children’s safety.
Sonke’s flagship campaign aims to positively influence men’s cultures and perceptions of gender norms to achieve a gender-equal society.
Sonke’s community mobilisation intervention to teach communities that properly treating HIV/AIDS is an effective way to minimise the further spread of infection.
Ongoing work to ensure the health and safety of asylum-seekers living in South Africa.
Since 2012, Sonke has been working to reduce levels of violence and abuse against women and children in this Johannesburg township.
Groundup interviews awaiting trial detainee in Pollsmoor
Working with prison officials and peer educators to reduce sexual abuse, HIV infection and medical neglect of inmates.
Sonke’s men’s clinic has improved the lives of men and their families by providing medical treatment and emotional counselling in this impoverished area.
freedom park cat
Sonke’s successful model of community engagement offers training to concerned citizens wishing to make a difference and become gender activists.
Keeping up to date with trials and lawsuits that pertain to social issues Sonke is involved in advocating.

Past Projects

Sonke’s long-term project aiming to positively influence the culture of masculinity in order to curb to spread of HIV/AIDS.
Awareness-raising campaign seeking to reduce GBV and HIV levels by strengthening national preventative mechanisms and improving general access to services in poor areas.

Each of these campaigns aims to inspire community activism and encourages community members to form community action teams (CATs), and then supports CAT members to use a range of tools and strategies, including participatory workshops, digital stories, photovoice, ambush theatre, street soccer, murals and community radio.

One Man Can
One Man Can
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