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Aviwe Mtibe

One Man Can trainer

Aviwe joined Sonke in September 2011. Previously he worked for TAC as a Men’s Sector co-odinator where he also served as a spokesperson and leader of the Gender Based Violence Task Team. He has also worked at Metropolitan Life as a trainer in 2009 and at Kagiso TV & Communication as a facilitator of PMTCT on You Can Count on Me Campaign. He worked with the Department of Health on a Kick TB programme with schools and correctional services in the Western Cape. At Sonke he worked as a trainer on the Men’s Project at the Wellness Centre Men’s Clinic in Gugulethu. He has been involved in a lot of the advocacy work at Sonke and has presented the organisation at the CSW in New York and CPD, where he was part of the South African Advisory Delegation. He has sat on various platforms as a panellist with various Ministers. He is also a member of the SANAC Men’s Sector. Aviwe is passionate about working with men and boys for behavioural change.

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