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Nkosana Dlwati

One Man Can Trainer

Nkosana David Dlwati was a One Man Can trainer based in Johannesburg. He started working for Sonke in 2011.

When he was working as a volunteer at youth channel group, Nkosana was responsible for directing and writing stage plays which were used as tools by different organizations to educate and entertain. These include EngenderHealth, the AIDS consortium, PPASA and government departments. Nkosana then proceeded to become a peer educator and youth leader after being mentored by Southern African Association of Youth Clubs (SAAYC) and the organizations mentioned above.

Nkosana has also worked for engender health and Life Line Namibia. He studied at the University of South Africa in the faculty of law specializing in mercantile law.

Nkosana says, “I’m doing this work because it has been and is still a part of me.”

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