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Policy Development and Advocacy (PDA)

Sonke’s Policy Development and Advocacy (PDA) Unit works to shape South African and international legal and policy decisions on gender equality, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights (including HIV and AIDS).

Current Projects

Sonke’s work to transform widespread negative perceptions of sex work and challenge societal stigma against sex workers.
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Sonke campaigns for government to be held accountable for the maintenance of prisons and the wellbeing of prisoners.
Civil society organisations actively monitor the services offered to victims of rape, ensuring that standards set by the Sexual Offences Act are met.
Sonke’s bursary, offered to any African law graduate or professional, to further their studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Sonke’s efforts to bring about gender equality and strengthen Constitutional principles in South Africa’s legal system.
Sonke calls for the South African government to develop a fully-costed, multisectoral, comprehensive national strategic plan to combat gender-based violence.
Human rights organisations band together in opposition of a Bill that threatens the autonomy and wellbeing of all rural women.
Sonke has compiled in-depth analyses of the services and treatment received by rape victims at 50 Western Cape police stations.

Past Projects

Examining the harmful influences of King Zwelithini’s address in Pongola in March 2015.
Calls for suggestions to improve the insufficient transformative power of the 2013 Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill.
Sonke’s participation in global consultations that highlight the importance of implementing greater engagement with men and boys in NSPs on HIV/AIDS.
Human rights organisations formed the Commission for Gender Equality Monitor to ensure the CGE delivers on its transformative mandate.
Sonke’s work highlights the importance of recognising the discrepancies between men and women’s engagement with ARV treatment in forming a new NSP on HIV/AIDS.
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