The Traditional Courts Bill is currently being considered by parliament in order to provide updated legislation for traditional justice processes and institutions. The Bill will affect over 17 million South Africans. The Bill being proposed is blatantly unconstitutional and violates the human rights of women and men in rural communities.

Sonke is joining a large group of human rights organisations in a nation-wide campaign to stop the Bill.

What can you do to stop the Bill?

  • Attend the hearing in your province and raise your issues and concerns. To get details on hearings dial *120*147# on your cellphone and select a province. Details of hearings in that province will be SMS’d to you.
  • Tell the media. Write in to your local newspaper or call in to the radio station to voice your objections.
  • Share your story anonymously – if you would like to share a story about how the traditional court system has negatively affected you but would like to do so without revealing your name, please email it to or post it to Stop the Traditional Courts Bill, P.O Box 3126, Cape Town, 8000.
  • Tell other people about the bill and the problems that it may cause and get them involved in the campaign to Stop the Traditional Courts Bill.

Information about the Bill

For more information about the Bill view the documentary below: