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MenEngage Africa

MenEngage is a global alliance of organisations who engage men and boys to achieve gender equality, promote health, reduce violence and to question and address the structural barriers to achieving gender equality.


The global alliance consists of representatives from each continent. These delegates in turn co-ordinate the country networks on their respective continents. Sonke chairs MenEngage Africa, which consists of 17 country networks across Africa.

The alliance falls within the scope of Sonke’s International Programmes Unit, and staff work with to partner organisations to build capacity, provide support and strengthen the network. One current project coordinated by Sonke and the Swedish Association of Sexuality Education is the Learning Centre Initiative. The initiative supports project sites in Uganda and Zambia to develop the work of local organisations in engaging men and boys in sexual and reproductive health. Sonke’s role is to provide overall project management and technical support to the sites, as well as develop skills in communications, advocacy, operations and research and increase the base of theoretical knowledge concerning male involvement.

Current Projects

Conducting engagements with the AU and various RECs for the strengthening of policies to address gender inequalities.
MenEngage’s training programme designed to diminish gaps in the long-term involvement of men and boys in policy initiatives.
Furthering the implementation of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals to improve quality of life in the world’s most impoverished countries.
MenEngage takes part in high-level dialogues with policymakers in order to shape policies for the benefit of those whose voices go unheard.
A regional scan of Africa in search of best practices and positive influences serving to further gender equality, for the purposes of future policymaking.
Partnering with the United Nations to strengthen policies and laws to mitigate gender-based violence in Kenya, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.
Sociological investigation into the attitudes and practices of men, and how these inform gender inequality at a structural level.
Delegates from 25 African countries participated in workshops, panel discussions and regional planning sessions at MenEngage and partners’ symposium.
Implementing the MenEngage programme in South Africa, the twelfth country in Africa to join the MenEngage network.
Sonke and the Swedish Association of Sexuality Education teach young Zambian and Ugandan men the importance of sexual health and family planning.

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