Sonke’s Social and Structural Drivers (SSD) portfolio was established to address the social and structural drivers of violence and aims to achieve social transformation and justice through challenging some of the norms and beliefs within the religious and traditional sectors that continue to hinder gender equality or engender violence.

Gender equality and economic justice are two special interest areas that drive this portfolio, and the portfolio primarily works through the faith and traditional sectors, and through economic and social justice platforms.

Faith, Gender & Sexuality: A Toolkit

The Faith, Gender & Sexuality toolkit has been developed by the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies (WICDS), the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Sonke Gender Justice, with individuals, communities and leaders practising faith. It is a user-friendly, free and interactive resource that seeks to support faith communities and leaders working to promote social justice in relation to gender and sexuality. The toolkit includes resources on:

  • Terminology
  • Key issues
  • Case studies
  • Activities

These resources have been designed for use with faith-based groups, including those of mixed faith, and they are included alongside a wide range of further resources and information produced by others, that you may find useful in your work.

Access the full toolkit here.