Sonke’s SSD portfolio also works with a range of social justice formations, primarily through the Awethu! coalition – a South African platform for progressive action and mobilisation – where Sonke is a member. Sonke also works with South African trade unions, and other South African organisations including Section 27, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), the Equal Education Law Centre and the Right2Know campaign to challenge economic inequalities, monitor health systems, demand education equality and promote access to information in order to lessen gender inequality and weaken the structural drivers that contribute to injustice.

Our involvement here is informed by the realisation that human rights and justice are indivisible and working for gender justice intersects with other struggles for justice, and that these are all connected and critical political processes. While seeking an active participation in these struggles, Sonke hopes to place the gender agenda in all political and social justice struggles.

The work within the SSD portfolio is anchored around three pillars: mobilisation and awareness, capacity building and technical support, and advocacy.