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Kwakha Indvodza
23 Apr 19 |
  • Kwakha Indvodza

Review of SODV Act?

1 Apr 19 |
  • Clare Ballard

Death penalty debate is a cheap political trick

International Day Of Happiness
19 Mar 19 |
Staff Writer

On International Day of Happiness, Prevention+ Releases New Animated Video To Promote a Happier, Healthier, More Equal World

Act Against Abuse
15 Mar 19 |
  • Angelica Pino

Violence raises the urgent need for more health services

Prevention En (h)echt Low
12 Mar 19 |
Staff Writer

How do we prevent gender-based violence in times of rising conservatism?

Gender Inequality Protest
10 Mar 19 |
  • Karen Robertson

Gender inequality and violence against women continue to undermine our democracy

Traditional Igbo Dance
6 Mar 19 |
Staff Writer

An alternative to FGM at naming ceremonies in Igbo land

Will Men Solve Gender Equality Fight
15 Jan 19 |
  • Gayle Jo Carter

What Role Do Men Play in the Gender Equality Fight?

Days Of Activism Campaign
4 Dec 18 |
  • Khopotso Bodibe

16 days: To end the violence we need to break the culture of silence

Stop Abuse Protest
25 Nov 18 |
  • Letlhogonolo Mokgoroane
  • Kayan Leung

The Gender-Based Violence Summit is over, now it’s time for action

Sexual Harassment
23 Nov 18 |
Staff Writer

Join the movement to #StopSexualHarassment in all spaces!

Neighbour Rapist
17 Aug 18 |
  • Abigail Hatcher
  • Ncumisa Sopazi
  • Mzwakhe Khumalo

Sensationalising rape on TV is as dangerous as saying it doesn’t exist

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