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Mduduzi Manana
31 May 18
  • Mpiwa Mangwiro
Public office bearers are custodians of the law. It is time for Manana to go
Sexual Harassment
29 May 18
  • Sonke Gender Justice
Sexual harassment: We need to strengthen systems to hold ourselves accountable
Gender Scale
30 Apr 18
  • Mpiwa Mangwiro
As long as discrimination barriers exist Workers’ Day can’t be celebrated
27 Apr 18
  • Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally
MAGE – Sierra Leone meet to empower activists
Kigali Memorial Centre
9 Apr 18
  • Mpiwa Mangwiro
How Rwanda continues to heal, 24 years after the genocide
Open The RRO
4 Apr 18
  • Marlise Richter
Home Affairs, the Rule of Law and all that jazz
Gugulethu Police
22 Mar 18
  • Mpiwa Mangwiro
Beyond rhetoric to action: Gender equality needs solid laws and policies
Rural Women
21 Mar 18
  • Mabel Sengendo Nabaggala
More challenges, fewer choices: Rural women are still in survival mode
Body Autonomy
18 Mar 18
  • Marlise Richter
Body autonomy part of human right
16 Mar 18
  • Dean Peacock
Implementing CSW Resolution 60/2 on Women, the Girl Child and HIV
PDA Prison Reform
8 Mar 18
  • Nabeelah Mia
  • Ariane Nevin
South African judges should visit a prison once a year
Water Crisis Affects Women More Than Men
8 Mar 18
  • Nabeelah Mia
  • Ruben Wynne
Gendered impact of water deprivation must be addressed

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