Sonke’s Bafana Khumalo discusses controversial movie, Inxeba: The Wound on Channel Africa

The South African film, ‘Inxeba: The Wound’ has won 19 awards at international film festivals around the world. Closer to home, the film, which features a gay storyline, has sparked outrage amongst some South Africans offended by the film’s depiction of Ulwaluko, the Xhosa initiation ceremony. In response, the Film and Publication Board reclassified the film to X18, effectively banning the film from being screened in movie theatres across the country.

In this interview on Channel Africa’s African Dialogue, Sonke’s Senior Strategic Advisor, Bafana Khumalo says: “I’m shocked by the decision of the Films and Publications Board. It’s really reversing a lot of the gains we’ve made in our democratic process. It’s taking us back.”