Sonke’s Dean Peacock interviewed by SAFM radio host Ashraf Garda on #InTheSpotlight

Sonke’s Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Dean Peacock was interviewed by SAFM radio host Ashraf Garda on his popular show #InTheSpotlight on 8 February 2018.

The 30-minute interview covers topics from Dean’s early start in the world of social justice to his leadership style and books that have left a lasting impression.

Dean also discusses the origins of Sonke Gender Justice, saying: “The name Sonke means “all of us” or “together”, so the idea was we would bring activists together who were concerned about gender inequalities, gender-based violence and HIV and social justice issues more broadly into an organisation that would simultaneously work with men to achieve gender equality, work with women and work with children and youth.”

Listen out for Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin ’bout a Revolution’ at 14.45min.