Which important changes does the bill introduce?

Here are highlights of new elements introduced in the bill:

  • Parental leave of 10 days for parents that do not qualify for maternity leave. The largest group of parents that fall in this category are fathers, so in effect we now have paternity leave available. It’s progressive that the bill does not define it as paternity leave since it would also allow for all genders and sexual orientations, for example in same sex female couples one mother will now have 10 days leave in addition to the biological mothers’ maternity leave.
  • Adoption leave of 10 weeks for adoptive parents, from the day of placement. South Africa already provides for adoption benefits from UIF, but no leave has been provided for in labour law. This bill corrects that.
  • The Labour Laws Amendment Bill is harmonized with the Unemployment Insurance Fund Amendment Bill and benefits of 66% will be paid from the UIF to employees.