Court Monitoring

CEM Court Monitoring

Keeping up to date with trials and lawsuits that pertain to social issues Sonke is involved in advocating.

Community Action Teams

CEM Community Action Teams

Sonke’s successful model of community engagement offers training to concerned citizens wishing to make a difference and become gender activists.

One Man Can in Bushbuckridge


Monitoring the results of Sonke and partners’ randomised control trial to ascertain to effectiveness of community mobilisation in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Gugulethu Wellness Centre

CEM Gugulethu Wellness Centre

Sonke’s men’s clinic has improved the lives of men and their families by providing medical treatment and emotional counselling in this impoverished area.

Prisons Transformation

CEM Prisons Transformation

Working with prison officials and peer educators to reduce sexual abuse, HIV infection and medical neglect of inmates.

Diepsloot CEM Impact Evaluation

CEM Diepsloot

Since 2012, Sonke has been working to reduce levels of violence and abuse against women and children in this Johannesburg township.

Safer South Africa

CEM Safer SA

Awareness-raising campaign seeking to reduce GBV and HIV levels by strengthening national preventative mechanisms and improving general access to services in poor areas.

Faith and Traditional Sector

Fath Religion

Sonke’s initiative to strengthen the will and power of faith-based institutions to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

One Man Can Toolkit


Access various educational publications compiled by Sonke to support men and boys in putting an end to domestic and sexual violence.


PhotoVoice is a school-based project that trains learners to use photography and writing to chronicle their daily lives, provides a look at the community through its children’s eyes. With support from UNICEF, Sonke has been working in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape since late 2006 to promote greater involvement by men in meeting the needs […]

EMERGE Evidence Review

EMERGE Evidence Review. Banner

Two year project undertaken by Sonke and partners analysing how best to support work with boys and men promoting gender equality.

Social and Structural Drivers

Social Structural Drivers

Sonke’s Social and Structural Drivers (SSD) Portfolio addresses the social and structural drivers of inequality and ill-health to better address the deep linkages between gender inequalities and violence, poverty and economic inequalities, racism, xenophobia, harmful religious and cultural practices, and other socioeconomic factors. Given that faith communities are catalysts in shaping social norms, it is […]

One Man Can

CEM One Man Can

Sonke’s flagship campaign aims to positively influence men’s cultures and perceptions of gender norms to achieve a gender-equal society.