Christine was drawn to work with youth at the Rape Crisis Centre in Cape Town, South Africa as a way of understanding and confronting her own difficult past. As a child, she was sexually abused; as an adult, she continues to live in an unsafe environment. Her goal is to help young people turn away from drugs and violence and learn instead to set limits and make informed decisions about their sexuality.

Note: This story contains explicit content and is recommended for mature viewers age 14 and up.

Key points to consider in viewing Christine’s story

The sexual abuse of girl children is a common but very hidden form of gender-based violence. Christine’s story explores the lasting impact of incest. It may be a hard story to watch for viewers who themselves have experienced abuse as children. But it takes a courageous stand, by documenting Christine’s conviction that the sexual abuse of children is a violation of their rights and her understanding that seeking help may be crucial to survivors’ well-being. It also raises important questions about how perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions.

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Sonke works with many communities to use storytelling and digital media to help people tell their own stories around gender, violence, HIV and AIDS and related issues.

Sonke partnered with Silence Speaks to enable young people and adults affected by violence and HIV and AIDS to share their stories. Other digital stories have been produced with former prisoners who experienced sexual violence in jail. And the MenEngage African Youth Alliance and Sonke partnered with UNFPA to produce “Youth Stories of Change” along with a discussion guide and other resources.

Through intensive, participatory video production workshops, Sonke is bringing rarely-heard voices and images into the civic arena. Our hope is that by highlighting everyday stories, we will deepen existing conversations about gender norms and health issues, as well as empower the storytellers and their communities.

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