Beyond Fathers Day: Urgent action is needed to improve father involvement in South Africa

On Wednesday 22 June 2022, Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke), Centre for Analytics and Behaviour Change (CABC), Heartlines, and Innovation Edge (IE) will host a provoking dialogue about the urgency of increasing father involvement in child care in South Africa.

These organizations are all working on improving fathers’ care for children in South Africa, and this online event will focus on:

  • Disrupting the ‘absent father’ narrative by focusing on father involvement
  • Fatherhood across generations and the effects of intergenerational norms and behaviours
  • Broadening notions of fatherhood to include social fathers

The organisations came together due to the various initiatives that each are involved in. Sonke is currently implementing MenCare in various provinces in South Africa, and collaborated with the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and Stellenbosch University to produce the State of South Africa’s Fathers Report (SOSAF).

The CABC’s heCareZA project uses social media listening tools to gain unique and real-time insights into conversations about fatherhood and gender-based violence on public social media. This research informs data-driven interventions to achieve behaviour and attitudinal change. Through these interventions, thousands of change agents and activists are identified, mobilised and capacitated to facilitate healing dialogue at scale on social media and offline.

Fathers Matter is an initiative to support the positive and active role of fathers and men in the lives of children, in order to lessen the risks linked to the absence of fathers or positive male role models. Fathers Matter is a project by Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, a social change NPO that promotes positive behaviour change using stories and values-based resources.

Innovation Edge, an impact-first investor, supports social entrepreneurs and organisations to develop, test and launch innovative solutions to early childhood challenges in South Africa. One of their impact areas is Early Security and Safety. Within this area, they support initiatives that seek to transform harmful gender and social norms around child-rearing; and promote the nurturing role of fathers.

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22 Jun – 22 Jun 2022




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