A Call For The African Union Commission To Urgently Intervene In Sudan Conflict

Johannesburg, 26 April 2023 – Sonke Gender Justice is deeply saddened by the  current political conflict in Sudan. Fighting between the country’s armed forces and the  paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) erupted early this month in North Darfur,  following months of tensions over a power-sharing deal, amid an attempted transition to  democracy after a military coup.  

The political instability is distressing as violence perpetuates a scarcity of necessities  such as water and power for citizens. Sonke calls on the African Union Commission to  urgently intervene and help the protagonists get back to a roundtable, to negotiate a  peaceful settlement of the dispute. 

‘’ We are cognizant that when such conflicts breakout it forces a growth of refugees that  escape the impact of the war thus increasing vulnerabilities especially for women and  children. ‘’ Bafana Khumalo, Sonke Gender Justice’s Co-Executive Director, and Co Chairperson of the Global MenEngage Alliance. 

‘’We call on the leaders in Sudan to explore alternative means of resolving conflict and  spare the citizens from further trauma. We firmly believe that is possible to find a peaceful  solution through roundtable discussions involving all key stakeholders in Sudan  supported by regional partners.’’ He adds. As the rate of casualties continue to rise since  clashes broke out, Sonke urges countries bordering Sudan to be more accommodating  for those finding themselves in distress.  

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Kgomotso Mophulane, Communications & Strategic Information Manager, Sonke Gender Justice on kgomotso@genderjustice.org.za or 0835196187.

Bafana Khumalo, Co-Executive Director, Sonke Gender Justice and Co-Chairperson, Global MenEngage Alliance: bafana@genderjustice.org.za or 082 5784479.

Note to Editors

Sonke is a South African-based non-profit organisation working throughout Africa. We  believe women and men, girls and boys can work together to resist patriarchy, advocate for gender justice, and achieve gender transformation.