Appointment of the Men’s Sector Co-ordinator

Ps Mbulelo Dyasi

Effective from 1 March 2011, Mbulelo Dyasi was appointed SANAC Men’s Sector coordinator, based at Sonke Gender Justice.

Mbulelo has worked for various renowned NGO’s engaging communities on issues of peacelessness in families, HIV and AIDS and Anti-Racism Programmes.

Mbulelo’s work expanded to Europe and Northern Ireland and United Kingdom with Youth organizations on social mobilization strategies and implementation. He’s been an AIDS ambassador and participated in many high level Leadership and HIV and AIDS prevention initiatives. He has also volunteered in the United States with the salvation army through world Affairs Council.

His involvement in the NGO sector during his High School period led him to study professional counselling and debriefing course with various institutions including the University of South Africa-Centre for Psychology.

He was honoured for participating in HIV prevention programme by USDA school of graduates and the US Department of State in Washington. He worked for promotion of Rural and Urban Livelihoods(Ruliv) as a policy targets coordinator primarily for capacity building of the NPO sector. He was later elected to be part of the National Executive Committee for the SANAC men’s sector. The work of the national coordinator includes:

  • Coordinate the work of the SANAC men’s sector
  • Initiate and maintain communication for the sector
  • Liaise with SANAC role players and other key stakeholdersScope of work:
  • Support the work of the provincial men’s sector forum
  • Facilitate internal and external communication of the work of the men’s sector
  • Serve as the secretariat of the men’s sector
  • Participate in key SANAC and Sonke’s advocacy efforts for increased male involvement in the fight against HIV and AIDS and gender based violence
  • Work in collaboration with the Brothers for Life team within Sonke