Celebrate the role and importance of mothers on Mothers’ Day, and commit to gender equitable parenting

On Mothers’ Day, remember that nowhere in the world do men do an equal share of the unpaid home or care work. Mothers are important, but so are fathers. We encourage fathers to support mothers, and to play an active role in their children’s lives, by sharing the unpaid care-work. This helps fathers build stronger bonds with their children, and frees up mothers to also pursue economic and other opportunities.

On Mothers’ Day, celebrate the role and importance of mothers, and commit to gender equitable parenting!

“For fathers who are motivated to teach equality and fairness to their children, sharing the care work at home is a powerful message for them. More influential than talking about equality is practicing equality by doing the care work. Your children will get the lesson.”
— Oswaldo Montoya, MenEngage Global Co-Coordinator

“I encourage fathers to share the care work by pointing out their importance as caretakers and role models for their children; by clarifying the advantages of equitable partnership; by challenging them to reconsider the pros and cons of traditional men’s roles; and by asking them what kind of father, partner, and man they want to be, they want their sons to become, and they would wish their daughters and/or grandchildren to encounter in their lives.”
— Jens van Tricht, MenEngage Europe