From Sonke’s Digital Stories Collection: Mlungisi’s Story (Xhosa with English subtitles)


Mlungisi grew up without a father. As a young man, he drank and caused pain to his family. He first noticed that he was not healthy when he began losing weight. With his sister’s support, he tested for HIV and found out he was positive. As a way of dealing with the fear and loneliness that followed, Mlungisi asked for help and found emotional strength in a support group for people living with HIV. His wife passed away, and he now cares for his children on his own.

Key points to consider in viewing Mlungisi’s story:

People living with HIV often experience both support and stigma. This is the case for Mlungisi, whose sisters support him but who also faces rejection after he learns he is positive. As you watch his story, consider how people can create support systems. Think also about the importance of men adopting new models for fatherhood, based not only on financial support but also on daily care and attention.

Mlungisi’s movie