From Sonke’s Digital Story Collection: James’ Story


James lives with his wife and children in Khayelitsha, South Africa. He struggles to understand the lifelong bullying behaviours of his father, who abused him and his mother for years. James realises that times have changed drastically in the wake of apartheid, and regrets that his father, who lives alone on the outskirts of a remote village, hasn’t been able or inspired to change with them.

Key points to consider in viewing James’ story:

Masculinity is undergoing a profound transformation in South Africa. James’ story about his abusive father reveals the necessity for new approaches to what it means “to be a man” and shows the tragic consequences of those who are unable to adapt to changing times. As you watch the story, which highlights the subtleties of men’s control tactics, we encourage you to reflect on how difficult change can be.

James’ movie