Invitation to Daveyton Community Social Dialogue On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Iranti-org, a Johannesburg-based queer human rights organisation that uses visual media to raise issues on human rights, gender, identities and sexuality is inviting you to participate in a dialogue in Daveyton, on the East Rand of Johannesburg.

TOPIC: Daveyton Community Social Dialogue On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

BACKGROUND: Thembelihle ‘Lihle’ Sokhela, a black lesbian woman from Daveyton was murdered on 14 September 2014. Her lifeless body was found in her attacker’s bedroom in Daveyton in the East Rand of Johannesburg. Lihle, 28 years old, was last seen a few days earlier. The alleged perpetrator, Thabo Molefe, aged 45 years turned himself in at the Daveyton Police Station.

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Thembelihle’s death is a second hate crime case in Daveyton over the past year. Patricia Mashigo (26 years) was murdered in April 2013. She was attacked on her way home and suffered multiple wounds and a fatal blow to her neck. Her face had been hit with a brick. Patricia’s perpetrators were never found. There were no arrests made and to date, the family haven’t seen justice.


Thembelihle Sokhela’s case has been referred to the Pretoria High Court and will be heard from 27-31 July 2015. In preparation for this, Iranti-org will host a community dialogue to raise public awareness and to foster a conversation about issues of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). The dialogue seeks to promote visibility and transparency of the issues at hand, which in itself can be educational and promotes diversity. This is an opportunity to talk about issues faced by the LGBTI groups, learn more about the judicial system and develop strategies on how the community should respond to such cases.

The social dialogue is open to members of the police, government, school teachers, religious organizations, traditional leaders, youth leaders and community based organizations.

At: Mbikwacindi community hall, Daveyton Esgodi
On: 23 July 2015
From: 13:00-16:30

RSVP Before July 20th


Legoete Kokeletso
Tel: 011 325 2366

Ayanda Msiza
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