Invitation to The Price of Gold – An Exhibition

WHEN: Monday 12th October, 5:00p.m. – 7:30p.m. (Drinks and snacks provided for media launch)
WHERE: Central Methodist Church

Photographer Thom Pierce was commissioned by the TAC and Sonke to collect portraits and audio clips of each of the 56 applicants in the silicosis class action. These include both miners and their partners and caregivers. This will be exhibited in a multimedia interactive exhibition at the Central Methodist Church from the 12th – 14th October. The exhibition will be set up in a dark space to give the effect of being underground. Each visitor will be provided with a mine hat upon entering, in order to light a path.

During the media launch, representatives from the media will be shown around the interactive exhibition, following which there will be a programme of speakers including lawyers for the main applicants, SECTION27 as lawyers representing the amici as well as representatives from TAC, Sonke and AMCU. Thom Pierce will also recount his experiences of his 20-day journey collecting the photographs. Media packs will be provided with short quotes and information on each applicant together with their photograph.

*The photographic exhibition will be open to the public all day from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th October. The exhibition space will also host information sessions and discussions relevant to the class action that will be live-streamed to wider audiences.

The Price of Gold