Phelokazi Mdoda rape case postponed

The Wilowvale Regional Court in the Eastern Cape has postponed the rape case against Xolisa Nantsula to the 27th of October 2016. Nantsula, accused of repeatedly stabbing and raping 16 year-old Phelokazi Mdoda on New Year’s Day this year, made his first appearance before the regional court magistrate Doreen de Waal yesterday, 07th July 2016.

The case was postponed after the accused requested the removal of his state legal representative from the case, citing concerns of incompetence. He has since applied to have a new state lawyer to represent him.

Members of Sonke’s community action team (CAT) were out in full support of Phelokazi Mdoda, who survived the attack. Mdoda, who arrived from Cape Town where she had fled to out of fear of the accused who has been let out on bail of R1 000, was accompanied by her mother.

Mrs Mdoda expressed gratitude for Sonke’s support towards her daughter. “I can’t imagine how I could have looked the accused in the eye after what he has done to my daughter had it not been for your support”, she said.

At some point, the accused ventured outside the court building where Sonke’s community action team members demonstrated. “Displaying a high level of discipline, CAT members restrained themselves from attacking him”, said Patrick Godana, Government and Media Liaison for Sonke Gender Justice, who led the demonstration outside the court.

“We believe in the rule of law. Justice must take its full course. We don’t believe in mob justice”, Godana added.