SANAC Men’s Sector Partners Profile

This is the first a series of articles aimed at introducing organisations working with men.


Based within the Alexandra Township, the organization is concerned particularly by the black community family structure that has been historically most affected by violence both within families and society.

The mission is working towards creating a society free of gender based violence. They do this by means of ensuring active participation of all members of the community.

ADAPT is committed to changing social values and systems that perpetuate violence against women by promoting a spirit of interdependence, mutual respect and co-existence between women and men.

The main objectives of the organization is to:

  • Include men as a part of the solution to gender based violence
  • Increase men’s understanding of the root of causes of violence in the home and society as well as to empower men to take control of their lives
  • Challenge and redefine social stereotypes of gender and sex underlying violence against women

Men for change

Men for change is currently housed within the SAPS in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. They offer services that are integrated within the programmes of the SAPS. Men for change partner with different government departments, civil society organizations and other NGO’s in their quest to male involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS and GBV.

SAMAG (South African Men’s Action Group)

Established in 2003 by a group a group of men and women who made a realization that most of our social interventions focus a lot on vulnerable groups(largely women and children) whilst in the process ignoring the groups that are perceived to be perpetrators (largely men).

As a human rights organization, SAMAG is committed to the promotion, protection and realization of human rights and the freedom of people of South African  SAMAG’s main programme looks to achieve these through  three spheres:

  1. Men’s Health and Wellness
  2. STI’s Including HIV/AIDS and TB
  3. Gender and Human rights

They do these intervention by means Dialogues, Workshops, Health Talks, Radio Talk Shows and Community Engagement Tours.