Sign the petition: Namibia to recommit to Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) to tackle SGBV

We are appalled and alarmed to hear that Namibia intends to not renew its signature to the East and Southern Africa Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE), which would reverse previous successes made in preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SBGV) and would have devastating effects for a whole generation of young Namibians.

Most Namibian families and households lack open, clear and supportive communication with children and adolescents around issues of sexuality, identity and relationships, because it is regarded as taboo. This creates a dangerous breeding ground for unhealthy expressions of sexuality and violent behaviour, and it has also other harmful effects on the mental and emotional health of young people.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that the Namibian Government continues creating a safe and healthy environment through CSE – Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Any effective response to SGBV must be inclusive and consistent. Hence, for the health and well-being of all Namibians, we demand that Namibia immediately recommits 100% to international agreements around CSE, particularly to the East and Southern Africa Ministerial Commitment on CSE, because it effectively addresses and prevents SGBV in Namibia!

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