Sonke and South African civil society and human rights groups condemn Zuma’s inaction against Al-Bashir

Sonke joins other South African and global civil society and human rights organisations in condemning our government, President’s Zuma and the African Union‘s “turning a blind eye” to the rule of law and justice, and the spin-rhetoric of our politicians, including EFF’s Julius Malema, suggesting that standing up against the man responsible for the brutal murder and genocide of Black African people is somehow a Western thing to do, and not an African or human thing to do.

Al-Bashir oversaw a genocide in Darfur that left hundreds of thousands of Black, African people dead. Is this the kind of person we think it’s correct to protect? These politicians do not get to define our African values as helping to block justice for the innocent Africans who were murdered.

There is nothing funny about genocide, nor about South Africa providing an arrest-free escape for Al-Bashir, but @ZANews can still give a humourous frame to the tragically unjust.

The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa #SouthAfrica #Darfur

[Czerina Patel]

Genocide? What Genocide?