Sonke celebrates President Zuma’s recognition of Sonke’s work.

During his National Women’s Day address at the Union Buildings in Tshwane, President Jacob Zuma acknowledged the important work of civil society organisations engaging men and boys to end gender-based violence, specifically mentioning both Brothers for Life and Sonke!

He said, “Compatriots, Government working alone will not be able to eradicate violence against women and children or women and child abuse. We are therefore pleased to work with projects such as Brothers for Life, as well as established civil society organisations such as Soul City and the Sonke Gender Justice. These organisations remind us that men have an important role to play in combating violence against women and children. We congratulate them for promoting the participation of men so positively. Our ultimate goal is to build a society where women can be free from violence and from conditions that hold them back from achieving their full potential.”

This is wonderful recognition of the hard work being done by Sonke staff.