Sonke staff march to end corruption

Several of Sonke staff members took part in the #SaveSouthAfrica march, which was held earlier today. Here they share why they marched:

Joyce Dlamini (in picture 1) said, “I wanted to be counted amongst those who want to save South Africa. We need change. This, for me, is the beginning of preparing a better future for our children. Enough with corruption and ignoring the needs of the vulnerable and society at large. We need to be exemplary to the rest of the continent and prove that no one is above the law.”

Participating in today’s march was also important for Bafana Khumalo (in picture 2). “I marched in the 70s, 80s and early 90s against apartheid. I marched today to protect our democratic gains”, he said.

“I am marching for a democratic for a democratic South Africa where women and girls can enjoy their Constitutional rights. I am also marching to demand a South Africa that is free of corruption”, said Mphokuhle Mabhena (in last picture).