Sonke Newsletter 12

Freedom Park mourns victims of violence
  • Khulu Mahlala
  • Londi Gamedze
24 Jul 12

It is the burning question that behaviour change advocates must face: who will ensure that the work we do is maintained and strengthened after the workshops, talks and events are over? Sonke’s answer to this question is the Community Action Teams, or C …

The Alliance for Rural Democracy: Sonke and partners rally against the Traditional Courts Bill
  • Helen Alexander
24 Jul 12

Sonke is an active member of a new and important civil society initiative: the Alliance for Rural Democracy. The Alliance’s chief goal is to advocate against the Traditional Courts Bill, a Bill set to severely limit the rights of rural people to seek l …

Inmates’ rights & sexual abuse in South Africa’s prisons
  • Rachel Fleder
  • David Friedman
24 Jul 12

Sexual violence is one of the most pressing issues plaguing South African prisons. In a 2007 survey by the Judicial Inspectorate of Correctional Services, about half of all inmates admitted that sexual abuse occurs either “sometimes,” “often” or “very …

Forty-two boys perish at initiation schools – but silence
  • Nomonde Nyembe
  • Mbuyiselo Botha
27 Aug 12

The figures of young boys dying at initiation schools are shocking. The death toll, as at July 11, was 42, in just three weeks. According to reports, this is nearly double last year’s figure of 26. Photo credit: The Guardian South Africa is now 18 year …


‘Ubuntu has no borders’: Celebrating World Refugee Day in Soweto
24 Jul 12

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), an estimated 107,000 asylum claims were lodged in South Africa in 2011, making it the world’s largest recipient of asylum seekers, followed by the United States of America at 76,000 …

Meet Sonke’s activists: Vusi Cebekhulu
24 Jul 12

Vusi Cebekhulu, One Man Can Coordinator, is a family man, a Christian man and a man dedicated to making his country a better place. Before joining Sonke three years ago, Vusi worked with the Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa and the Reprod …

Money, power, sex: Sonke at OpenForum 2012
26 Jul 12

Money, Power and Sex: The Paradox of Unequal Growth was the theme for OpenForum 2012, co-hosted by Open Society Foundation and Sonke Gender Justice, and held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Delegates from around the world arrived at a …

Kicking the ball for peace: Celebrating World Refugee Day in Philippi
24 Jul 12

In honour of World Refugee Day, South African and refugee youths came together in Phillipi East on 21 June 2012, to combat xenophobia in their communities – on the soccer field. Fostering a spirit of integration Six teams of high school students from a …

Sonke at the 12th AWID Forum
25 Jul 12

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is an international, feminist, membership organization committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights. Every few years the association hosts an internati …

Brother, I do not want to bury you. Get treated
24 Jul 12

Leo Mbobi tells of his struggle to get his ill brother treated for HIV. He used to beat me when I refused to go to school. He used to chase me in the gravel streets of Maclear, Eastern Cape, with bare feet. He used to search for me in those forests acr …

Young people strategise on health policy
24 Jul 12

The last few months have been an interesting period in the country. There are shocking reports of a collapsing health care system, particularly in the Eastern Cape where there’s a disturbingly high rate of teenage pregnancy. On the other hand, we ought …

Dear President Zuma: retract your misogynistic statements!
27 Aug 12

I must begin by thanking you for the recognition you bestowed on the many gender equality and women’s rights organisations in the country, in your speech on National Women’s Day. You said, “[Government] are therefore pleased to work with projects such …

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