Sonke Newsletter 7

Sonke works with IRC against GBV in Cote D’Ivoire
  • Staff Writer
27 Nov 10

Subsequent to our preparing issue 7 of this newsletter, the Ivory Coast has again been destablised by civil unrest. The disagreement over election results has divided the country with devastating effects for the humanitarian work being done in the area …

SA’s National Strategic Plan: Female condom needs to play a bigger role
  • Staff Writer
25 Nov 10

Since the beginning of the Aids epidemic, condoms have been the single most efficient available technology to reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Condom use forms one of the three elements of the ABC strategy: Abst …


Sonke helps Traditional Leaders heal community ills
30 Nov 10

In early 2008, Sonke Gender Justice began a local One Man Can campaign together with traditional leaders in Mabeskraal Municipality in South Africa’s North West Province. In this rural area, HIV, AIDS and gender-based violence have torn families apart. …

Advancing gender advocacy through community radio
29 Nov 10

Small- to medium-scale, context-specific community ‘interventions’ can help generate meaningful discussion of local problems. Community radio is one of the most powerful interventions or media for getting out information, starting discussion and raisin …

Using the media for advocacy
28 Nov 10

With the first-ever FIFA World Cup in Africa, 2010 has been a momentous year for our continent. It also proved a notable year for Sonke Gender Justice, as it launched several new awareness campaigns launched to raise awareness about the potential socia …

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