Sonke Newsletter 8

Regional Policy Scan Highlights Important Gaps in NSPs
  • Hayley Thomson-de Boor
29 Mar 11

Over the last year, Sonke’s work globally but especially in Africa, through the MenEngage Alliance, has grown significantly, and we are working closely with many organisations in the region to engage men and boys on issues of gender and HIV. The policy …

Shukumisa: Civil Society Pushes Improved Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act
  • Emily Nagisa Keehn
29 Mar 11

Sonke has always believed strongly in the importance of civil society advocacy initiatives, and after extensive internal discussions we have decided to focus our advocacy efforts on supporting the Shukumisa Campaign to improve implementation of the Sex …

Red Card Campaign is of Key Relevance
  • Tapiwa Manyati
29 Mar 11

Sonke has just finalised an evaluation of the Red Card Campaign which was run between May and Dec 2010. The evaluation highlighted a number of internal and external challenges to the campaign, but generally backed up the campaign approach and materials …

Rolling-out medical male circumcision: making it work for women and promoting gender equality
  • Kanyiki Ngooyi
24 Jun 11

The increased availability of bio-medical HIV prevention approaches, like medical male circumcision (MMC), mark an important step towards reducing HIV infections. However, it is important that these methods not be divorced from the social contexts in w …


Sonke intensifies its work in Prisons
29 Mar 11

Levels of HIV in South African prisons are extremely high, and Sonke has long believed that it is important to work directly with prisoners to promote HIV prevention and treatment, and gender transformation. In order to try and address the need to redu …

Improving access to justice for survivors of gender and sexual violence in Limpopo
29 Mar 11

Towards the end of 2010, the challenges faced by victim empowerment programmes across the country were highlighted at the Department of Social Development’s Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) Conference. In part, this protest action was fuelled by the …

MenEngage Partners Outraged at Murder of Ugandan LGBTI Activist David Kato
29 Mar 11

Following the brutal killing in January of David Kato, a fearless advocate for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexed people’s (LGBTI) rights in Uganda, the MenEngage Africa network circulated a statement across the region which was endorse …

Hamba Kahle Bruce Nkala
30 Mar 11

On Saturday, 26 March 2011, Bruce Nkala, one of the One Man Can trainers based in the Cape Town office, passed away suddenly. We will all miss him, and send our thoughts and condolences to his family and loved ones. Bruce joined Sonke in July 2010 as a …

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