Abdillahi Ahmed Mohamed

RHR Trainer

Abdillahi Ahmed Mohamed

Abdillahi Ahmed Mohamed is a Somalian who started working for Sonke Gender Justice as part of one of Sonke’s Community Action Teams (CATs). Now, he was a trainer with Sonke’s Refugee Health and Rights Project.

He is committed to promoting gender equality, stopping gender-based violence (GBV), improving HIV & AIDS awareness, and improving refugees’ and migrants’ lives in South Africa.

He completed his Diploma at the University of Benadir in Somalia, and studied Social Science. He is trained in gender equality, HIV & AIDS, and human rights, and he is currently studying “Afrikan Feminist & Gender studies” at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute of UNISA.

Abdillahi’s involvement in activism started in 2001 when he joined Asayle Youth Development Organization which worked towards eradicating female genital mutilation, stopping the spread of HIV & AIDS and ending gender-based violence in Somalia. Then, he joined Ayub Orphanage Centre which worked to prevent teengage pregnancy in southern Somalia. He then worked in the field of human rights refugee activism in Kenya.

Once in South Africa, he worked with the UCT Refugee Law Clinic and Truama Centre in Cape Town in 2011. Now, he works with refugees and migrant communities through Sonke’s Refugee Health and Rights Project.

Abdillahi is fluent in English, Kiswahili, Arabic and Somali.