Althea Anderson


Althea managed Sonke’s Research and Monitoring and Evaluation Unit. At Sonke, Althea was responsible for coordinating research activities across a range of projects. She worked to: establish a sustainable in-house programme of research that complemented and informed Sonke’s programmatic and policy activities; demonstrate the impact of Sonke’s work to communities, partner organisations, donors, and the public; and develop skill-building opportunities to ensure that Sonke staff were well-equipped to contribute to evidence-based research and scholarship.

Althea maintained a strong track record of conducting research at the junction of sociology and public health, with particular emphasis on studying how gender oppression, along with other axes of social inequality, affect social, economic and health outcomes for women and girls. Over the decade she spent at Sonke, she played a key role in designing, coordinating, and evaluating programmes in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence, masculinities, women’s empowerment and youth development, working with NGOS and research institutions, domestically and globally.