Amelie Baumann

Amelie works with the International Programmes and Networking unit from February – April 2013, conducting a policy scan on Namibia. This includes examining policies, laws and plans in the area of HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, parenting and LGBTI issues.

Having a background in sociology and philosophy, Amelie is a second-year student at Uppsala University, Sweden studying a master’s programme in Cultural Anthropology. For her dissertation she conducted an ethnographic research on people working with HIV/AIDS in Germany, her home country. In her thesis she explores the challenges they face given the common perception of the epidemic as something non-European and the changes which the altered treatability brought about for their work. Amelie first got interested in questions related to HIV/AIDS during her time as a volunteer at two children’s homes in the Western Cape in 2007/2008, and she is excited to be back in Cape Town after five years.