Giovanni Nobre

MenCare Intern

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Giovanni graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors in Educational Sciences and became a master student in Educational Design & Consultancy at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. He was born in the Netherlands, but his parents are of Cape Verdean descent. Coming from a broken home, he knows how it feels to grow up without a male role model. This was part of his motivation to apply for an internship at Sonke, so he could contribute to helping the youth in Cape Town.

Giovanni uses his passion for hip-hop music and rap to spread awareness among youth. His lyrics contain strong messages aimed at social justice and self-development, both mentally and physically.

Before moving to Cape Town he was a teacher at an international vocational school: The Shipping and Transport College (STC-Group) in Rotterdam. Writing his master thesis at Sonke, his goal was to evaluate the effectiveness of the SRHR sessions that are carried out by the trainers of our organisation.

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