Martha Nambuyaga Kavuma


Martha Nambuyaga Kavuma holds a Master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Africa at the Centre for Human Rights University of Pretoria, a Master’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Education from Makerere University in Uganda.

Martha has over fifteen years of experience in design, development, coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of health-related programs in Uganda, Malawi, and Nigeria.

Previously Martha worked as a Capacity Building Consultant with Health Plus Development Communications (HeDCO) an organization that focuses on increasing access to quality SRHR information and services for vulnerable groups to enable them to make healthy smart choices in Uganda.

Prior to that, Martha worked as a National Programme Coordinator with the SRHR Alliance Uganda. The SRHR Alliance is a global based Alliance that works towards a poverty-free society in which all women and men, girls and boys, and marginalized groups have the same rights irrespective of their ethnic, cultural and religious background, age, gender and sexual orientation.

Martha has also worked as a Senior Program Officer for HIV/AIDS, T.B and Malaria programme with the Social Services Department (Planning Development and Rehabilitation) of the Church of the Province of Uganda.

From 2005 to 2007, Martha worked as a Programme Director at Education As A Vaccine Against AIDS Inc. (EVA) based in Abuja, Nigeria an organization aimed at establishing systems and structures that provide opportunities for youth to make responsible decisions concerning their development and utilizes youth friendly approaches to provide information, services as well as develop advocacy initiatives through partnerships with other affinity groups. Nigeria. While in Nigeria, working as a VSO Volunteer, she provided technical support to the VSO HIV and AIDS country programme. The programme aimed at building capacity of VSO volunteers and VSO partner organizations to develop and mainstream HIV/AIDS activities in their work.

Martha has authored books such as (i) “Determination of unsafe abortion among adolescents following the liberation of abortion in South Africa”, (ii) “Perceived barriers young people have to the utilization of Reproductive health services in Uganda” (iii) a “Community Advocates Training Manual for the Population Council International HIV/AIDS Prevention Project for Vulnerable Youth in Northern Nigeria” (co-author) and (iv) Legal Grounds III: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Sub-Saharan African Courts (Co-editor).