Papy Molembe Mobosela

MenCare Trainer

Papy M Mobosela

Papy Molembe Mobosela works at Sonke as a One Man Can Trainer within the Community Education and Mobilization Unit.

Papy was born in Kinshasa, DRC. He holds an honours degree in Education and a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy from the National University of Pedagogy in Kinshasa.

Before Papy Molembe joined Sonke, he volunteered for various NGOs. He became an activist when he witnessed the shocking situation of women and children in the Eastern part of DRC where he is from and in Kinshasa where he grew up. Violence, rape and assault were happening across the country due to conflict. That specific moment of his life made him a Gender Activist. In 2008, he moved to South Africa where he has been trained by Sonke Gender Justice as Peer Educator to get involved in the community action team and advocate for the rights of vulnerable communities.

Since working at Sonke, Papy has completed several trainings on Refugee Law, Advanced Peer Education training and Supervisory and Managerial Skills.

Papy Molembe is married to Fatuma Mariam Merveille and they have two children, Gloria and Glady.