Precilia Chuloi

RHR Trainer

Precilia Chuloi

Precilia was born in the North West province of Cameroon, where she completed her primary and secondary schooling. She says: “I was privileged to study at the Anglo-Saxon university of Buea in West Cameroon and graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Economics.”

Precilia moved to South Africa in late 2004 and has been living in Cape Town. She’s worked at the Whole World Women Association (WWWA) a non-profit organisation for six years. She started there as a volunteer, a peer educator, an administrator and a facilitator and trainer in an HIV and AIDS project.

She’s completed a number of certificate courses on HIV and AIDS and counselling, counselling and communication, sustained advocacy for Empowered Refugees (refugee rights and conflict negotiation, crisis intervention, stigma awareness and reduction. Before joining WWWA, she was an active member of a women’s life writing support group project where she co-authored the book Living on the Fence, a collection of poems.

Precilia has a keen interest in socio-economic and health issues among the poor. Her vision is to see a healthy and productive society across all races and gender.