Sjanna Westerhof

CRPP Intern

Sjanna has completed a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from the University of Utrecht. During her bachelor, she focused on the social welfare state, the combination of work and care and on children with disabilities and their families. She also did a research internship at the department of interdisciplinary social science where she was, among other projects, working on the BEUcitizen project which focused on mobile rights and social citizenship of Europeans in order to finish her honours programme.

Sjanna participated in a youth council of one of the provinces of the Netherlands. This youth council gave routine advice to the provincial council. By doing this, she learned a lot about debating, influencing local policies and influencing young people to use their voice in politics.

Sjanna was a Masters student in Social Policy & Social Interventions at the Utrecht University which focuses on social policy from an interdisciplinary perspective. She has a broad interest in different sorts of social topics of which gender equality is one.

Sjanna interned at Sonke in the Children’s Rights & Positive Parenting Unit while writing her Masters thesis on the effectiveness of the MenCare+ programme on children.