Xolani Tshandu


Xolani started his career in the NGO sector as a volunteer in 2002 at Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (PPASA) in Gugulethu, where he assisted in the Love Life Youth Development program. He then continued to pursue his passion by coordinating the Men as Partners Truckers Project in various rural areas. He was also the Project Manager for the Truckers and Sex Workers against HIV and AIDS project. He managed one of the largest youth projects in the Western Cape, the Adolescent Reproductive Health Program, while working at PPASA.

Before joining Sonke, Xolani participated in a leadership training course, during which he assisted in designing a sexuality program for physically challenged children. He also completed a course on ARV Therapy, HIV and Reproductive and Sexual Health, Fundraising Event Organising, Love Life Game Management and Health & Safety.

Xolani joined Sonke in 2013 as a Senior Trainer for the Brothers for Life Project. He is currently a coordinator for the Men’s Wellness Centre in Cape Town, Gugulethu.

Xolani is a dedicated, flexible, enthusiastic, creative person with loads of potential, who has a great passion for singing.