Sonke joins other civil society organisations to say NO to corruption

On the 30th of September 2015, Sonke Gender Justice joined numerous groups to demand accountability and transparency from government and the private sector at the Unite Against Corruption march in Pretoria.

In addition to the march in Pretoria, members of the public and civil society actors in other parts of South Africa, including Cape Town and Grahamstown, marched to show their solidarity with this cause.

The Unite Against Corruption campaign, which established this march, estimates that corruption has cost South Africa R700 billion in the last two decades.

As an organisation fighting for gender justice, Sonke supports this cause as corruption plays a role in perpetuating injustices often faced by marginalised groups.

“It is self evident that ending corruption will free more resources in government to support interventions aimed at ending violence against women and children,” said Angelica Pino, Programme Director at Sonke.

Sonke continues to urge government to create and fund a National Strategic Plan (NSP) to fight gender-based violence. It is crucial to end corruption so that initiatives such as an NSP have sufficient funding and can operate successfully.

More directly, ending corruption in the provision of healthcare, security and justice, education, social welfare and nutrition, will enable these sectors to improve their service to those who need it the most.

As an organisation, Sonke will continue to stand against corruption as it is our belief that corruption has no place in our society.