Safe Ride! Radio Drama

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According to research conducted by Sonke Gender Justice, women are at greater risk of violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault on public transport. This makes safety a major concern for the countless women and girls who use South Africa’s taxi network every day. This 5-episode series of short radio dramas was produced to encourage conversation and debate around sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the taxi industry, raise awareness of women’s rights, inform people about where to access services, and also prompt dialogue on how we can all be part of solutions and responses to make public transport safer for everyone.

Safe Ride! radio drama

It’s always busy at the Ulwazi taxi rank – every day thousands of people pass through this busy hub, catching a taxi to go to work and school, to go shopping or visit family, and then home again. Here you will meet a colourful cast of characters. There’s Bra Dzunani, the queue marshal who keeps everything in order, Mamikie the food seller, who dishes out sound advice along with her meals, and school friends Kane and Kgaogelo. But you’ll also meet some characters who threaten everyone’s ability to have a Safe Ride. Thapelo the taxi driver who constantly harasses the women and girls who pass his way. And on one dangerous ride, Kgaogelo confronts a driver who will not take no for an answer. What will happen at Ulwazi taxi rank? And how can we all be part of putting the brakes on gender-based violence? Tune in to the Safe Ride radio dramas.

Safe Ride! Facilitation Guide

Download the facilitator’s guidebook, which includes:

  • Episode summaries – outlining the story of each of the radio dramas
  • Discussion questions for presenters and discussion facilitators
  • Background information about sexual violence in taxis
  • Contacts for more information


Final Report

Download the final report for the Safe Ride! campaign below:



This short three-minute video takes community radio presenters through a simple five step process that will help in the facilitation of the drama.

Listen to and download the Safe Ride radio dramas





Photo gallery

During a two-day workshop held in Johannesburg on 18 and 19 September 2018, campus and community radio station presenters were trained on how to facilitate the drama and encourage dialogue on air. These images capture the creative process of developing radio strategies aimed to engage the audience and facilitate discussions in the community.