One Man Can

This project celebrates men who care by profiling South African fathers in the local media. My Dad Can forms part of the international MenCare campaign being spearheaded by MenEngage. It is a national media drive to identify positive local role models and profile them in the media as examples of good, involved fathers, funded by First National Bank and First for Women.

Through the media campaign, radio listeners and print media readers will learn about the day-to-day experiences of these everyday heroes, as well as learning about why involved fatherhood is so important and what the benefits of involved fatherhood are for fathers, mothers and children.

The idea is to change the important things a dad can do from just being strong or violent to being caring and supportive. ‘My dad can lift a car!’ moves to ‘My dad can cook!’

Starting in mid-2011, the first leg of the campaign will take place up until the end of 2011. This will include the first round of nominations, selection and media profiling of local fathers. Activities will involve a series of radio Public Service Announcements through partner radio stations across 10 sites and posters will encourage children to nominate their fathers, and write up a brief essay on why they think their dad, or the man that cares for them, should be recognized.

In 2012, a second round of nominations, selection and media profiling will take place in another 10 communities. In June 2012, on or close to Father’s day, a fatherhood celebration will be held in Johannesburg. The 20 local heroes profiled in the media during the previous year will be flown to Johannesburg with their families to participate in a high profile gala event. The fathers who have inspired others in their communities will be celebrated. The idea is for this to become an annual event, held on Fathers’ Day.

Nominations can be submitted electronically or physically (with forms and collection points at select FNB branches.