OMC Klipfontein Health Project

One Man Can

Sonke has been funded by the Western Cape Department of Health to raise awareness and promote health services to men in the Klipfontein district. This includes raising awareness about HIV and AIDS and the related services available in the area, such as counselling and testing.

In early 2012, Sonke launched a new satellite office in Gugulethu, a Men’s Wellness Centre, where men will be able to get information and advice about health issues, including access to a clinic sister. The satellite office is conveniently situated close to the Gugulethu clinic.

The team are also raising awareness about medical male circumcision (MMC) and encouraging men to undergo circumcision as a means of reducing the risk of contracting HIV. MMC education includes discussions about the potential gender implications of MMC and emphasises that men who are circumcised still need to practice safe sex.

During their visits to clinics, schools, places of worship and other civil society organisations in the communities, the Sonke staff distribute male and female condoms, as well as various educational materials.

Once a week, staff members participate in a two hour radio talk show where issues relevant to the community are discussed on Radio Zibonele.

The Klipfontein team also recruit and train peer educators in the community and setup Community Action Teams to support the groups’ ongoing work in the area.

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