OMC Medical Male Circumcision Project

One Man Can

Sonke strongly supports medical male circumcision (MMC) as a measure for preventing HIV transmission. This position is informed by the increasing body of evidence which shows that MMC can reduce the changes of infection by as much as 60%. With this in mind, Sonke has recently launch a small project to promote MMC amongst urban young men in South Africa. The project is being carried out in partnership with Artists Proof Studios (APS).

The Sonke team are working with the APS students to develop a series of messages and imagery to use to promote MMC. A range of creative channels are being explored to distribute these messages, including comic strips, social media, radio and television. Face-to-face interactions with young men are also taking place at clinics and schools, and in the form of community dialogues.

The project is funded by the South African Development Fund.