Fatherhood & Child Security

Project Archive

This project is demonstrating the impact of involving men in child protection and violence prevention activities in KZN and the Eastern Cape.

Project Aims

The project aims to mobilize men in two municipalities and to develop their capacity to be advocates and activists in efforts to eliminate violence against women and children, to prevent the spread of HIV & AIDS and to promote health, care and support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

It also seeks to mobilise government and civil society around raising awareness and increasing capacity to plan, budget, implement, evaluate and sustain projects that increase men’s involvement in ending violence against women and children.


The project is using formative research to create a baseline understanding of local issues relating to violence against women and children, health promotion, HIV treatment and prevention and care and protection of orphans and vulnerable children and plans to use this understanding to develop new project specific materials.
The Child Security project works in conjunction with Men as Partners. Men as Partners  training will be provided at the sites to increase the knowledge, skills and commitment of men to end violence, reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS and promote gender equality. The training will lead to the creation of MAP Community Action Teams to facilitate training, mobilize other men to act on violence prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, health promotion and care and support to OVC.

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