Sonke Condemns the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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Sonke is joining human rights groups from around the world in condemning the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that was tabled before the Ugandan parliament in October 2009.

In terms of the original Bill, any person alledged to be homosexual is at risk of Life Imprisonment and in some circumstances the Death Penalty.
Additionally the imposes penalties on parents who don’t denounce their gay children, teachers who don’t report gay students, doctors who work with at risk populations, and human rights activists who promote the rights of homosexuals. Religious leaders, landlords/ladies, civil society leaders, media representatives and internet cafe owners also face penalties for various homosexuality-related “crimes”.

South Africans Take Action

Sonke joins other South Africans in protesting against the appointment of Jon Qwelane as ambassador to Uganda. Qwelane is currently facing charges initiated by the Human Rights Commission for his hateful and homophobic remarks which contradict the founding principles of the South African Constitution.
Join the protest in Cape Town taking place outside parliament at 1pm on Friday, 12 Feb 2010.

Interview with Ugandan LGBTI activist Frank Mugisha

Part 1 of the interview conducted with Frank Mugisha in October 2009 by Billy Nessen
Part 2 of the interview conducted with Frank Mugisha in October 2009 by Billy Nessen

Ugandan Civil Society Coalition against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

A number of civil society organisations in Uganda are actively opposing the proposed Bill. Details on the Bill are available in their press release (below), and interested parties can contact for more information on how to support the coalition.
Ugandan CSO Press Release on Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 23 Oct 2009

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