Working Against Xenophobia

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Sonke Gender Justice has been actively involved in efforts to stem the xenophobic violence and its aftermath in South Africa.

Sonke has actively been engaging with communities to strengthen the ability of refugees and immigrants to be able to access their rights – including their right to safety, dignity and health.
ImageIn order to achieve this, Sonke has been:

  • Conducting community mobilization and community education, including community imbizos, lekgotlas, bosberaads and community workshops on xenophobia, immigrant and refugee rights, and gender equality leading to the formation of community action teams.
  • Developing educational materials such as posters, stickers and digital stories addressing xenophobia, human rights and gender equality to be disseminated in areas affected by or at risk of xenophobic violence.
  • Carrying out media advocacy, including: radio interviews, the development and dissemination of public service announcements and the placement of digital stories educating community members about the lives of immigrant and refugee women and men and the contribution made to South African society by immimgrants and refugees.
  • Using arts based approaches including community participation in the development and painting of murals on the impact of anti-xenophobic violence, the use of theatre based approaches to educate community members at high density areas such as taxi-ranks, train stations and shopping centres.

For more about Sonke’s response to the Xenophobic violence, read up on Sonke staff’s personal experiences of the violence, or view the video from the Soccer for Reintegration event.

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